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The story of FlexQube began over 20 years ago in the central parts of Sweden, when 3 boys developed a love for playing with Lego®. As they grew up and begun their professional careers that love of being able to put build something together never left them.

While working for a global manufacturer of construction equipment, Per Augustsson noticed that material management wasn’t keeping up with modern demands. The industry norm of welded solutions wasn’t adaptable enough for the constant change that the industry was seeing. A cart that was used for material transportation for a specific piece from the warehouse to the assembly area had to be welded together especially for that articles dimensions and weight.

Once a product life cycle changed, that cart in question was no longer suitable for new materials and would be scrapped. As the production lines changed more frequently, the need for a customized material handling solution grew, Per Augustsson realised this immediately. “I realized the need for a supportive, robust and easy to customize solution was needed.

The more I investigated it, the more I concluded a concept of a few standard building blocks was what to go for” said Per (FlexQube, CTO).
From here the concept of FlexQube was born, by three friends who created a professional, heavy duty and flexible material handling concept around the idea of building blocks. There were quite a few concept ideas discussed until Per alongside, Christian Thiel (FlexQube, CFO) and Anders Fogelberg (FlexQube, CEO) came up with the new concept. “When approaching the concept in the very early days we very quickly realized the strength of having a bolted together solution. Many are concerned about this; however, they don’t realize that there’s a reason why you don’t weld your car tyres to your automobile, it’s because you will need to change them in the future. Which is what many leaders in the industry are realizing is needed for material handling now” says Anders (FlexQube, CEO).

FlexQube offers a flexible system of a few standardized components that can be used to build industrial material handling applications. For example, pallet carts, kit carts, and shelf carts. The products can be taken apart and re-assembled, adjusted and are completely flexible. The concept saves both time and money when a re-design is needed. “The product is inspired by Lego®, we use intervals of 7 cm in all components, so you can easily design and assemble them into different solutions, regardless of how you interlock our products you get the same interface – just like with Lego®” says Christian (FlexQube, CFO).

Since then FlexQube has grown to service over 250 customers in upwards of 22 countries and counting. Serving industries including automotive, industrial equipment, warehousing, consumer goods, energy, defense & medical. On Thursday the 14th of December 2017 Christian, Anders and Per reached a lifelong dream of taking FlexQube public and listed on the NASDAQ in Stockholm. While much has happened in the life of FlexQube, the modular and robust concept has plenty more to give and we are only in the beginning of our journey.




FlexQube's business idea is to develop and offer a flexible system with few standardized components for safe, ergonomic and cost efficient logistics.

The company's head quarters and distrubution center for Europe is placed in Sweden and for the US production and distribution is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Innovation is important for the FlexQube® Team. We believe that constant improvements of products and processes are vital for a company's development.

We see all of our customers and suppliers as partners. That's why it's very important for us to always make sure our products have a high quality and the contact with our staff is clear and rewarding.

Hopefully you'll find our buisness interesting so we can grow together! 

FlexQube® industrial carts - offices localization
FlexQube® industrial carts - offices localization

FlexQube® industrial carts - offices localization
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Our CEO- Anders Andy Legut

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